mimi made a delicious key lime pie

mimi claims to like cake better, but then she went and made a key lime pie.

key lime large

she says that she had the urge to make it after seeing cute little key limes at trader joe’s.

here’s what it looked like sliced.

key lime sliced

and yes, it was DELICIOUS.

in fact, i don’t know how mimi could bake such a delicious pie and still claim that cake tastes better.

it was so good that i had key lime pie for breakfast the next day.


1 Response to “mimi made a delicious key lime pie”

  1. 1 shutyerpiehole
    August 3, 2007 at 11:24 am

    No worries, cake lovers, I haven’t gone to the dark side. I just need to mix things up once in a while. And to keep it secret from Ann in the future.

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