the hell?

today i went to dunkin’ donuts to pick up some munchkins for an office party.
i got there around 8:30 AM, and waited at the end of a long line. when i finally reached the cashier, i asked for a large box of munchkins.

the cashier turned around and surveyed the goods. a single chocolate munchkin rested forlornly near the edge of its display case, as if it were prepared at any second to commit munchkin suicide because it had been left behind by its brethren. seriously. it looked like a munchkin rapture had taken place.

the cashier turned back to me and said, “sorry. we’re out of munchkins. we’re waiting for our delivery guy.”

i was shocked, but not so easily dissuaded. “well, can you give me a timeframe of when he might arrive? are we talking ten minutes? an hour?”

she shrugged. “he’s usually here by now.”

eventually, i ended up buying some ice cream, but let’s think about this situation. shouldn’t every dunkin donuts have a batch of munchkin batter on hand to deal with this eventuality? i really think that there should be mandatory minimums at dunkin’ donuts locations, and that if there are under 50 munchkins in the store, they either need to make some pronto, or be forced to shut down their store for donut code violations. munchkin shoppers cannot be denied.

oh, and the ice cream didn’t even get eaten. why? it’s messy and hard to serve. munchkins, however, would have been the hit of the party. thanks, dunkin’ donuts. thanks for decreasing my popularity among coworkers. i bet my ice cream’s going to get freezer burn too.


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