Watergate Pastry: White Chocolate Mousse Cake

A lot of Washingtonians claim that Cakelove does the best cakes in town, but my money’s on Watergate Pastry. Specifically, this White Chocolate Mousse cake. (That’s the Strawberry Mousse Cake peeking out from behind.


Pay it no mind). You can find the main shop in the basement of the Watergate building. The Tivoli delis in Rosslyn and Ballston also carry their cakes, as they were once owned by the same guy. This cake brings together layers of a whipped white chocolate mousse and the airiest white cake, topped with white chocolate shavings. The key is that it’s not tooth-achingly sweet–like those grocery store cakes where sometimes you have to scrape some icing off. Actually, it’s pretty light. I could easily go through 2-3 pieces in one sitting. Yep, this cake inspires gluttony.

Note: My friend had this as her wedding cake many years ago and was verklempt when I got her a miniature version of this cake for her baby shower.


2 Responses to “Watergate Pastry: White Chocolate Mousse Cake”

  1. 1 italia
    April 23, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    You said it sistagirl! You are sooooooooooooooooo right on this one. This cake is Washington’s best kept ‘cake” secret. I LOVE THIS CAKE. OMG! I too was introduced to it through my best friend at her wedding years ago and now we are devotees of the cake. They can never not make this cake. We’ve lost a lot of old standbys in this town because of the economy, but this can never go. or I will…go. smile.

  2. 2 Joan B. Weaver
    March 18, 2014 at 7:41 am

    30 years ago this fabulous cake was our Wedding Cake!! I saw it featured in a 1984 Washingtonian Magazine and instantly decided it was the cake for us! I was working in DC at the time and an acquaintance worked in the bakery. Our guests loved it so much, that they were asking for seconds! When does that ever happen? My sister-in-law still says that it was the best cake she has ever tasted!!!! So glad it is still available…..next time I visit DC, I know where I’m going!!!

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