McDonald’s deep-fried apple pie RIP 1968-1992

Though I don’t eat at McDonald’s that much these days, I do miss their fried apple pie in-a-sleeve. That deep-fried goodness was waaaaaaaaay better than the bland slices they serve now. As my coworker described it: “it was basically an egg roll with really hot apple filling.”


Why did McDonald’s phase it out? Wikipedia says the fried apple pie was discontinued in 1992 in favor of the healthier, baked one. Bummer, I was hoping for a more scandalous explanation. Like what happened with their tiny white coffee spoons (discontinued after druggies realized they were perfect for snorting coke). Or the infamous lawsuit with third degree burns to the groin. Third degree burns to the tongue, anyone?

Thanks to the magic of the InterWeb, I found out there are still a few McDonald’s locations around the country where you can get your fried pie on. Check out http://www.ccytsao.com/friedapplepie.htm and let us know if you track one down.


2 Responses to “McDonald’s deep-fried apple pie RIP 1968-1992”

  1. 1 Liamlunchtray
    August 9, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    You can often find the EXACT SAME fried apple pies at KFC locations as “Apple Turnovers”. They are manufactured by the same supplier that produced the McD’s version and have that same wonderful slightly peppery taste. 2 for a buck in my hood! UNGH!

  2. 2 jeremiah
    August 9, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    I eat anything, except McDonalds. Last time I did I went to the hospital circa 1997 with the most heinous shit crap you could imagine.

    That said if I ever find these again I would eat one with my dick.

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