philadelphia pastry report

i spent about 36 hours in philadelphia this weekend, attending a fantastic wedding. congratulations, annie and neal! and while i didn’t have much time to nosh, there was some noshing going on.

first off, the wedding cake was delicious. it was a light, lemony confection – perfect for the hot weather, and not afflicted with the dryness that plagues so many wedding cakes. (and mimi, i would like to note that this annoying dryness is the achilles’ heel of cakes. they seem perfect in so many other ways, but are deeply, deeply flawed. pies, on the other hand, are virtually impossible to ruin. they are impervious to attempts to remove any moisture.)

the real joy of going home to philadelphia, however, is buying these:
yes, cannolis from termini brothers bakery.

i love this cannoli because it’s substantial. the filling tastes creamy, not airy, and is not overly sweet.
i also love it because the philadelphia police department used to station officers outside of termini brothers’ locations in south philadelphia.

really, i’d put them up against vaccaro’s any day. take that, baltimore!

1 Response to “philadelphia pastry report”

  1. 1 shutyerpiehole
    August 8, 2007 at 9:47 am

    For the bakers out there, a dry cake can be avoided by adding enough butter, marscapone cheese and/or sour cream to the recipe, and of course by not overbaking.

    But how do you avoid the perils of choking to death on pie? (See “Hot Rod” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

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