Cakelove cupcakes: it’s all about the buttercream

Behold the lime-icing-on-vanilla cupcake.


Last night my friend and I went to Love Cafe, which is just across the street from the original Cakelove store on U Street. We got 3 cupcakes. My friend balked at the $3+ price of each one. “I would charge $2.25, max,” he fumed.

Then he tried it. I think he’s a convert. I mean, Cakelove does the best buttercream around. It’s undeniable. The flavors are spot on, without a trace of artificialness about them. The smooth, thick layer of icing melts in your mouth (eat it refrigerated, when the icing is solid). Cakelove’s cakes used to be on the dry side, like old-school cakes your grandma would make before box mixes came along. For some reason the ones we had last night seemed moister. Maybe they altered their recipe.

Anyway, where else in DC are you gonna find a decent cupcake? After you’ve had the Cakelove ones, the cupcakes you get at the grocery store or Starbuck’s just don’t pass muster. And I like the fact that they had signs in the store saying they use 100% real butter. Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.


1 Response to “Cakelove cupcakes: it’s all about the buttercream”

  1. 1 muffinluv
    August 13, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    Yes, cake love is sublime, but pricey-I will give them their props for flavor, presentation and ambience-and they have a sense of humor. plus, who could resist the story of a lawyer who fell for frosting over big bucks? But, at $3.50 a pop/threw-PLEASE-I hope 10 cents goes to feed the homeless or something.

    The Hater

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