Desserts at Madeline’s, Ithaca — “Triple Threat”


There are people in this world who wish that dessert came before dinner, not as an “if I have room leftover” afterthought. I think it’s safe to say that my friends Jenny, Tom and I are those kinds of people. This past weekend we got our dessert on at Madeline’s in downtown Ithaca, NY.


I ordered the red velvet cake, a southern dessert made of chocolate cake dyed red (why?) with cream cheese icing. The cake was moist, the icing just the right amount of sweet. I’m foaming at the mouth just writing about it.

Jenny went for the Spyro Gyra (not pictured), a combination of layered chocolate cake & ganache, plus mocha buttercream. It was as rich as it sounds, yet the portion was pretty generous. Though she felt a bit sick towards the end, she braved on like a trooper until the plate was clean.

The Tiramisu (Tom’s choice) was presented like an ice cream sundae in a cup. If you want to know if it was any good–well, just look at him go at it.

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