test kitchen aftermath

as some of you may know, i recently moved from a place where the kitchen was essentially the foyer – a 10-foot long, three-foot wide strip of linoleum with a stove and a fridge and not much counter space. in essence, a nightmare place to try and cook desserts.

but now? well, the new test kitchen is big enough to handle all of this! i took this photo this morning after nonstop baking fun from wednesday onward:
test kitchen with bike
i know it looks pathetic – a sink full of dishes, unpacked groceries, a nearly-finished roll of paper towels, and a counter full of coke zero cans waiting to be recycled. (hey, where do you think i get the energy to cook?)
oh yes, and the bicycle, awaiting a flat tire repair.

this kitchen may look awful. but to me, this kitchen is beautiful. there’s enough counter space to have clutter AND room to cook. the fact that i can easily whip up multiple desserts with a bicycle in the way is a dream come true.

(oh, and just so you know, i cleaned the kitchen up after taking this photo. the bike is fixed. the dishes are done, and the recycling’s been taken out. it’ll stay clean for another hour or so, when i start making my bakeoff entry after 60 Minutes is over. and then i get to make another huge baking mess, all in the service of dessert yumminess!)


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