i don’t want to be an astronaut

you know, being an astronaut seems like it would be a fun job, what with the zero gravity and the tang and the great view from space, but really? it’s all apparently a giant nasa manipulation game.

according to abc news, before every launch, astronauts pose for a photo with cake. then the cake gets taken away. no one eats it. no one enjoys it. just a tease of a good-looking cake, and then it’s gone.

“It is a very nice cake, but we don’t get to eat it,” Zamka said. “We just look at it and celebrate with it, but we don’t get to eat it. I think they store them in a room somewhere, so somewhere there is 30-plus years of cake.”

then again, maybe nasa has the right idea. given how much of a disappointment a good looking cake often is, the agency is likely just making sure that no one heads into space wishing they had some milk to wash down a piece of dry tasteless cake.

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