bakeoff side match: pie vs. pie!

i was sitting at my desk, discussing the deliciousness of the latest bakeoff entry with miguel, the proud baker of the day. kate, another bakeoff participant, stopped by and joined the conversation. things escalated. and the next thing i knew, kate and miguel had agreed to a mano a mano apple pie competition.
how did it turn out?
kate showed up with some flaky goodness shortly after 9 AM:
apple pie hero
in case you can’t tell, there’s an “H” on that crust, which stands for “apple pie hero”

miguel got delayed in a traffic jam, which meant that the official taste test was delayed for an hour. this made me very grumpy. but my spirits were alleviated when i saw miguel’s entry:
leafy goodness
yes, those are little leaves on that pie, held on by dabs of icing. miguel knows something about presentation. he also made sure to bring in ice cream AND caramel sauce. (kate had also hidden some ice cream in the freezer earlier.)

here’s what it looked like immediately pre-slicing:
two delicious pies

i grabbed two slices and headed to a meeting, where i proceeded to devour them in front of people whose offices don’t have bakeoffs. mean? perhaps. but if it comes down to eating pie or hurting someone’s feelings, well, i fall on the side of pie.

and the verdict? miguel’s granny smith-based filling was delightfully tart, but kate’s pie had the edge on the crust. it was a wonderfully flaky, buttery success.

in my role as bakeoff commissioner, i called it a draw.
the official, anonymous tally from the bakeoffers, however, gave the victory to kate.

we’ll try to get both miguel and kate to spill their recipe secrets. either one would be a good addition to any dinner table.

thanks to them both for taking the challenge, especially because it pretty much required them to pull all-nighters, just for the sake of pie.

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