final bakeoff entry

that rare find….the cakenpie
explanation after the jump…

Kudos to my coworker Phil, who created this masterpiece to end the bakeoff:

Cakenpie: French Silk Pie with Chocolate Cinnamon and Nutmeg Cake

As many of you know, Ann has been running a web site called pievcake.com, on which she has chronicled our office’s bake-off, complete with pictures and commentary.

The main purpose of the site, however, has been to document the decades-old bitter feud between pie and cake.

On this, the final day of the bake-off, I tried to honor Ann’s website with a radical experiment in dessert form. I have sought to bring pie and cake together, for the first time, in a single dish, and finally end the senseless rivalry between these two kinds of dessert. It is time to put an end to the desserts of personal destruction.

The cake and the pie use most of the same ingredients: They are simply presented in different form. I would call this a “duo” or “pairing” if I thought it would win me any points in the competition, and if I knew what the terms meant. As it is, I will call it. . . the cakenpie.

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