secret adpierer

the best thing about doing a blog devoted to dessert is that people give me free dessert. nameless people who make sweet deliveries to coworkers, telling them to make sure it gets into my hands. deliveries like this flaky, delicious pie:
apple pomegranate pie
more after the jump….
out of focus? goodness, yes. you’ll also note that i was so excited that someone was trying to prove their piebaking prowess to me that i started in on the pie before i remember to take a photo.

but oh my, what a piece of pie. it was a perfect crust – light, buttery, and towering, largely because this pie was a deep-dish affair. i wasn’t too much of a fan of the filling – it wasn’t bad, but pomegranate leaves me cold (and anyone who loves greek mythology will understand my motives).

on the whole, i’d rate it as a really good pie. oh, and did i mention it was FREE and someone GAVE ME A SLICE BECAUSE THEY KNOW I LOVE PIE?

yes, i do lead a pretty awesome life.

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