Vegan Thanksgiving Scene Report


(Exclusive to pieVcake by The Angry Vegan Chef)

For the past four years, the punk kids in the DC area have been holding Thanksgiving vegan dessert potluck sleepovers beginning at 9PM, after everyone has had a crappy non-vegan-friendly meal with their families.

This year was somewhat of a letdown as we were only able to cover one table with vegan goodness (the average has been 1.5 tables in the past). Your humble narrator also disappointed himself, as he was only able to eat 3 pieces of pie, a slice of cheesecake, a cupcake, 2-3 slices of banana/pumpkin breads, half a slice of cake/PBFudge mountain, and a Clementine, even though he skipped dinner completely.

Notes on pictures (L to R):

Pecan bread

Vegan rice krispie treats made with Smuckers chemically vegan marshmallow goo (hooray for chemicals!) + Vegan whipped cream which I did not try.

Chocolate pie with raspberries on top.

Apple pie and berry crisp.

Vegan cheesecake

Main spread: Pomegranate 7-Up is disgusting. /Some fool brought a salad.



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