Georgetown Cupcake: Worth the wait?


I spent almost 1.5 hours last Saturday waiting in line to get a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake (and I feel kinda stupid admitting that). The line was only about 25-30 people deep when I got there, but service is slow. With recent coverage in the Washington Post and Daily Candy, word is that there is never NOT a line out the door. I’ve also heard that the shop has had to close down during store hours to keep up with demand.

About 30 minutes into my wait, the police showed up. Are cupcakes the new donuts? Nope–they had gotten a call from the neighboring shop, whose doorway we were blocking. We dutifully re-lined up from the opposite direction. Meanwhile one policeman had a quick word with the Georgetown Cupcake folks and re-emerged with a freebie, causing much jealousy. Speaking of jealousy, after I finally got my dozen (which rang up at around $32 after tax), the looks of envy-slash-hatred from the others still waiting in line were something to behold. I probably could have scalped my cupcakes for a profit right then and there.

The cupcakes are adorable, much more adorable than what you see here (they got jostled around while I was speedwalking home, hoping no one would mug me for my cupcakes). Presentation is amazing, as is their store branding design, from the bags to the t-shirts to the website.

I sampled the red velvet, coconut, lemon berry, vanilla on chocolate and key lime flavors. The icing was good but not mind-blowingly good. I liked the cream cheese icing on the red velvet the best. The cake may cause some debate. Fans of light & fluffy cake (think store-bought mixes like Betty Crocker) will love them. I prefer my cakes a bit more substantial, though, like the kind of cake you get from the Sprinkles cupcake mix. A cupcake that eats like a meal. See, after I’d scarfed down 2 Georgetown cupcakes, I still wasn’t satisfied.

Overall, the balance of icing to cake worked for me. Thankfully the icing wasn’t cloyingly sweet like on a Magnolia Bakery cupcake, which makes your fillings ache. I’d say give Georgetown cupcake a try, but fax your order ahead of time or be a policeman to avoid the wait.

***Updated June 20, 2011: Wondering who makes the best cupcake in DC? Read this. BTW, there is usually no line (or a much shorter one) at Baked & Wired (a beloved local bakery) and Sprinkles (the DC branch of the national chain). And if you must visit GC, here are some tips for avoiding the lines.


2 Responses to “Georgetown Cupcake: Worth the wait?”

  1. July 8, 2008 at 11:20 am

    I love the high end style to these cupcakes. They are gorgeous to look at; people love getting them as gifts; they are fast becoming currency. I have tried most of the flavors on multiple trips there. My favorite is the Coconut followed by the Choc3……….The texture of the cake is moist but light. I prefer not to feel overstuffed by having one of these with my morning coffee or after dinner as a little dessert morsel with a shot of expresso. I never thought of using cream cheese frosting except for on carrot cake, and it certainly works here. I like the way they top everything with a little decorative hand-applied “clue” as to the filling or flavor. (One lady is visible in the back doing just this!) The boxes and bags are classy and so is this shop. So what if we have to wait. When I go to Paris, I often wait for something good. I can’t imagine the French bakery owners feeling upset that they sold all their product for the day……..Its strictly an American thing to need that immediate gratification. Join the world, folks, this one’s a keeper.

  2. July 13, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    because these cupcakes are “classy”, it doesn’t matter if they’re out of stock? screw that. if it’s american to need instant gratification when searching for cupcakes, then i’m proud to be an american. seriously – we are people who started a dessert blog because we love sugar so much. do you think we’re going to be happy when a cupcake place runs out of product exactly when we are craving it? maybe you should join the world of people who are serious about their desserts.

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