La Perla restaurant cakes: do they measure up?


There’s a cheesy Italian restaurant on the border of Foggy Bottom and Georgetown called La Perla. It’s the type of place where the chef comes out of the kitchen at the end of the night to shake your hand. I’ve never had their food, but heard it’s good. Lots of politicians/bigwigs go there–their photos are plastered on the walls. What throws me is the gaudy decor (cherubs, fountains, a glass case of random knick-knacks at the door), which doesn’t seem to jibe with the upscale-ness of the menu and prices.

Anyway, when you walk into the restaurant, you’re greeted by a case of tempting cakes. Mr. x-sXe and I tried a slice of the lemon raspberry cake and a chocolate mousse one. At almost $10 a slice, they weren’t cheap. The verdict? If you’re jonesing for chocolate, the chocolate mousse will satisfy. But pass on the lemon raspberry. It was just blah.


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