domo arigato, mr. yogato!

this weekend, mimi and i continued our serious investigation into dc’s yogurt places by visting the newly opened mr. yogato, located on 1515 17th street (right off p street) in dupont circle. the store bills itself as “the funnest yogurt experience you’ll ever have” which is a pretty accurate description. it’s hard to beat the fun at any yogurt shop with rules like these.
mimi and i both scooped up a 20% discount by getting our foreheads stamped:

mr yogato stamp on forehead
we immediately liked the fact that mr. yogato had more variety than the other yogurt chains. it has four flavors – soft, tangy, mango, and mojito – and a huge variety of toppings, including many that aren’t on the menu, but just happen to be on hand. (if anyone does end up trying the olive oil topping, please let me know.) unlike other yogurt places, it also has a sliding scale for toppings, so that you don’t have to get more than one if you don’t want to.
mimi tried a small mango with strawberries:
mr yogato mango yogurt with strawberries
while i tried an original tangy with coconut, reese’s peanut butter cups, and cookie crisp:
mr. yogato tangy with peanut butter, cookie crisp and coconut
the mango flavor actually tasted like mango in a firm, but not overpowering way – unlike some other yogurt we’ve had. the tangy flavor was less tangy than expected. both of us were slightly turned off by the texture of the yogurt, which was more granular and watery than other places. it melted rather quickly. still, it tasted good.
in the end, both of us thought that tangysweet has a better base product. i, however, like the variety in toppings and flavors at mr. yogato, and am a total sucker for the cute factor, so i’d recommend it more highly than tangysweet. mimi, however, is remaining with her original favorite.

we just heard a rumor that pinkberry is going to be opening in georgetown soon, so we hope we can continue this series!

1 Response to “domo arigato, mr. yogato!”

  1. July 28, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    Looks like you’re having a lot of fun on your frozen yogurt tour! I heard Yogen Fruz and Red Mango are going to be in DC by 2009, so you’ll have to add it the list of places you visit! Here’s the link for the New York fro-yolympics I did with some friends last year: http://gracenotesnyc.com/2008/01/28/gracenotes-nycs-fro-yolympics/

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