Another reason I heart Nigella: Chocohotopots

I don’t know why I haven’t seen Nigella Lawson on Food Network lately. Rumor has it that she gained so much weight, the production folks were ordered to only shoot her from the waist up. But really, who trusts a skinny cook? I mean, the recipes I’ve road-tested from Giada’s show have all come out sorta bland, if that tells you anything.

Nigella’s recipe for chocohotopots is ridiculously easy, has 5 basic ingredients (butter, sugar, chocolate, flour, eggs) and is a crowd-pleaser. You don’t even need a hand mixer. A whisk will do. Note: I find that the mini semisweet chocolate chips are easier to melt, which you can do in a glass bowl in the microwave. Just do it incrementally (about 15-20 seconds at a time? It really depends on your microwave), stirring a lot in between. Don’t overnuke it, or you’ll be crying into your chocolate-butter mixture.

These are basically lava cakes (molten middle). You can bake them a bit longer than her recipe says if you want the middle a bit more solid. The tops come out crispy, a nice contrast to the gooeyness that lies beneath. I like them topped with fresh whipped cream and a side of food coma.

Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/isNov


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