Trader Joe’s lets me down

Yup, it does happen from time to time. I get tempted by one of the new offerings in the dessert case, only to be disappointed once it’s gone down the gullet. Here’s the downfall: the box claims they’ve bruleed the tops for you. Lies. There was no brulee crust to be found anywhere. Just a random sprinkling of some brown powdery substance that tricked me into paying $4.99 a box (for 4). And no, a thin dark chocolate cup isn’t gonna make up for that.

Alright, maybe I’m being a bit harsh. The taste didn’t suck. Kind of like what you’d get if a flan and a panna cotta had a baby: creamy, slightly eggy. But man, I was really missing that caramelized top crust. Amelie Poulain would not approve.

Bruleed top, my arse.
Bruleed top, my arse.

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