Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out Sundaes

In high school, I’d get a brownie sundae at Ben & Jerry’s every Friday after school. Did I mention I had the metabolism of a gerbil back then? The brownie sundae, for those who haven’t experienced it, is a generously-sized brownie topped with a couple scoops of the flavor of your choice, drowned in fudge sauce and topped with whipped cream. As you eat it, the brownie soaks up the melted ice cream and fudge and, well, you just gotta try it. I was hoping these new Vanilla Fudge Sundaes from Ben & Jerry’s would recapture that decadence. But, as tricked-out as they are with their chocolate shell, fudge sauce and brownie bits, they don’t even come close. The best thing about this is the package design (there’s a perforated hole in the bottom so you can easily get the sundae out of the cup). Oh well.milkshake 005milkshake 006


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