dc cupcake wars revisited: hello cupcake’s gianduja

Note: this is a multi-part series in response to the Washington Post Cupcake Wars last fall, which was clearly a farce.


The breakdown, icing: Chocolate-hazelnut ganache on a hazelnut-chocolate cupcake topped with toasted hazelnuts plus unidentified crunchy topping (“caramelized hazelnut crunch,” according to the website). It’s Hello Cupcake’s take on Nutella, basically. Italian hazelnut paste is incorporated into the ganache, giving it a dimension to the flavor that you might mistake for a touch of liqueur or extract. Almost pudding-like consistency at room temperature. (Cross-section photo shows cupcake after refrigeration.)

The breakdown, cake: Chocolate cake that complements the ganache icing. Remember how the movie “Wild Things” was basically a vehicle for Denise Richards’ implants? Same deal here: cake as hazelnut-ganache-delivery-vehicle.  Couldn’t taste the hazelnut in the cake. Too distracted by the amazing ganache, which, like Denise’s implants, was generously proportioned.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.




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