Key lime pie, ray’s the steaks (Arlington, VA)

Tom Sietsema is the food critic for the Washington Post, and the dude is exacting. Very few restaurants get a three-star (much less a four-star) rating. I knew our taste buds were simpatico when he ripped Founding Farmers a new one. That’s why when he likes something, I put it on my mental “must-try” list. So when he recommended the key lime pie at Ray’s the Steaks, I got a slice to take out.

I was hoping to eat just half the slice, maybe save the other half for the next day or for Mr. X-sXe. Nope. I inhaled it in one sitting, at a speed that made me grateful that no one was there to witness it. The crust is a homemade graham crust that’s buttery, crispy perfection. The filling is on the sweet side, but tart enough to satisfy. I tried replicating this pie at home, only to fail miserably. More on that later.



3 Responses to “Key lime pie, ray’s the steaks (Arlington, VA)”

  1. 1 Jerry Butler
    November 15, 2009 at 1:33 am

    They Say That “Only The Strong Survive” and I know that personally cause that was one of my
    biggest Hits, thank you for that, Jerry….The reason for this review is to tell All The Brothers
    Out There that my old friend “Kutchie Pelaez” who operates Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville Cafe down in Asheville, NC. Puts out some Awesome Food. Steaks, Prime Ribs, Seafood and Those
    World Famous Cheese Burgers he calls Goody Goody’s. “I Still Make Better Ribs than Kutchie does”he..he..he..
    he..he…..But what Really Makes Me Get On A plane, leave the Windy City and Head Down To Kutchie’s is That World Famous 1920’s Secret Recipe Key Lime Pie the boy makes. We don’t be getting nothing that good up here. I tell you what, “that pie is Finer than Frog’s Hair”.and that’s pretty dog gone fine.
    We always bring back a huge stack of Kutchie’s Key Lime Pies with us, and some to put in the freezer to carry us over. Take from me, “The Ice Man” You can’t go wrong with Kutchie’s
    World Famous Key Lime Pies!!………Jerry Butler

  2. 2 Dennis Miller
    November 29, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Hey Ray, Your steaks really rock man. Some of the best ones around dude. I guarantee you that. But for desert, Why not kick-it up a few notches? Try serving the best key lime pies that you can get your grubby little fingers on. Trust me on this one man, leave this one to the experts, the ones that were baking key lime pies before key lime pies were cool. Just call my old paisons at Kutchie and Anita Pelaez’s Key Lime Pie-Factory and Grill. They are located right-off of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.. So you know your pies will be coming from a high class neighborhood, not some jive joint on the wrong side of the tracks.

    Kutchie and Anita are a very hard working husband and wife team. The Best and they only bake the world’s finest key lime pies. I’ve been knowing them and eating with them since the early 1970’s. I would stake my reputation on those two and so should you! Just don’t let anyone see their printed pie boxes they come in and tell all that you baked them yourself, hell that’s what a lot of restaurants have been doing for years!

    I give Anita and Kutchie a plug every chance I get, All their stuff that they serve is the best of the best.
    And like I said we all have been friends for a long long time. Trust me their key lime pies are the best that money can buy.

    Kutchie and Anita, “Keep The Faith Babies”.

    Dennis Miller

  3. 3 Jamie Jackson
    December 5, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    “YO”, Dennis are you the same one that used to be on SNL? If that be you, then you got good tastes dude!
    You be right man. We all be hooked on Kutchie and Anita’s key lime pie factory too. They are the best, not just those key lime pies which are the best ones ever made but like you said all they’re foods are the best. Kutchie and Anita’s place is a 10 Star operation in our book. Just take the best restaurants on the top 10 list and multiply that by ten and you will have some kind of an idea about how good Kutchie and Anita’s key lime pie factory really is. We take a boat-load of us any time we are near Asheville and that’s a fact man. Always professional service with genuine smiles, not the plastic smiles you see everywhere man. They are real people, they really give a damn man. Years ago we partied/got down with Bob Marley at Kutchie and Anita’s place. One Love that’s what Kutchie and Anita be having, don’t know how they can still be doing it all these years. Really special people they be. Nothing but the best! I want to tell the whole world about that place man.

    And Ray you be having some of the best steaks in the land dude.

    ……………Jamie J.

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