food-to-sweets ratio in my freezer

At the risk of looking like a crazy person, here are the contents of my freezer.

I know what you’re thinking. Is she one of those OCD hoarders, with an apartment knee-deep in trash? Why is everything just crammed in there? Can’t she even place stuff in there upside-right?


My dysfunctional grocery shopping habits were exposed one day when Mr. X-sXe suggested that I eat what I have before buying anything else. A light bulb went off. It was such an obvious but alien concept.

I’m analyzing the contents of my freezer for two reasons. One is that I was curious what the ratio of desserts to real food would be. The other is that all too often when I open my fridge or freezer, something falls out. Most of the time it’s just annoying, but sometimes it’s also a huge pain in the butt, like when a jar of spaghetti sauce or salad dressing shatters all over the floor.  This has happened three times in the past year and needs to stop. I really should repeat this exercise for my fridge too, but that’s too daunting a task right now. So let’s start with the freezer.


Turns out I had more food (non-dessert) items in there than I thought. There were only a couple of things that I had to throw out: the baguette and unidentifiable green sauce. I wasn’t sure how old the Drumstick was, but it was a mistake to dispose of it in my stomach. The ice cream part was full of ice crystals and the cone, completely soggy.

After taking stock of everything in there, I did re-organize a bit, which helped prevent the food avalanches that would happen every time I opened the door. So that’s good. And it looks like there’s almost a 2:1 ratio of food to dessert. Also good. Most important, nothing has ended up broken on the floor for a while. We’ll see how long that lasts.


PS: I forgot to include the package of frozen berries. I think that would go in the food column.


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