cloudy with a chance of meatballs, my childhood fantasy

This was my favorite childhood book for a pretty obvious reason: it was about a town where it rained food.

Specifically, foods that were rarely found in my house. My Mom cooked Chinese all the time, not the hamburgers and hot dogs my brother and I craved. Once when we begged for McDonald’s, my mom made hamburgers with scallions and shiitakes–something I’d appreciate today, but back then, I was just miffed that they didn’t taste like Big Macs. 

Plus, we rarely had sweets in the house. My Dad’s a diabetic who sleepeats. Desserts would mysteriously disappear. (“Huh? I don’t remember eating that half gallon of Breyer’s.”) So when I imagined a place where it precipitated giant donuts and syrupy pancakes, I was smitten.


I haven’t seen the movie yet, but let’s hope it does the book justice.


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