Tackle Box blueberry pie

There it is, staring at you while you’re up at the register, fruit spilling out of its gaping maw. Then you see the sign claiming it’s the best blueberry pie in DC. And you end up giving in.

Is a slice of pie worth $6? In this case, no. There just wasn’t anything particularly interesting about it. The blueberries were rubbery, like tiny bobas. While it was nice that there was so much fruit (vs. the syrupy goop that accompanies the fruit in canned filling), the flavor needed some oomph, like a sprinkle of spice. The crust was also blah.

bluepie 004 

After eating this, I had dessert remorse. That feeling you get when you’ve wasted the calories, which could have gone toward something much more delicious. Like a Trader Joe’s chocolate mousse collaboration.

The sad thing was, the couple next to us saw us eating this and went up to get their own slice. I wish I’d warned them. Even though I’m a big fan of Tackle Box’s food (grilled trout, grilled calamari, fried catfish), I’ll probably steer clear of their desserts.



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