In defense of the ugly stepchild of desserts (pie)


As the cake lover, I shouldn’t be the one posting this article from salon.com, but hey–the guy loves pie enough that he had a wedding pie made in place of a wedding cake. I can respect that kind of passion.

As for calling pie the ugly stepchild–those are the author’s words, not mine.  

From Pie (in the name of love), by Vincent Rossmeier:

“Pie is moist where cake is too often arid; it’s complex where cake is too often banal. Pie offers me lasting contentment, whereas all cake can tender is a cloying sugar rush. In a subtle, supple flake of pie crust there is more of heaven than in all the world’s slabs of cake combined.”


BTW, I bought my first pumpkin pie of the season, a mini from Whole Foods today, along with some whipping cream. I need to get my fill while the season lasts.


1 Response to “In defense of the ugly stepchild of desserts (pie)”

  1. October 8, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    I personally love pie over cake, especially if you include cheesecake as pie. I would love to see a well-executed version of the CAKE PIE one day with recipe! I imagine it would solve the argument forever (: A weird fact: according to a poll by Nintendo all 50 states prefer Cake over Pie except Vermont (my home state). How odd!

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