Yocake (Montgomery Mall) is open


Frozen yogurt and cupcakes. In a mall, no less. Not a bad combination to bring to the masses. Also, it seems like a pretty sound business model. Since frozen yogurt sales suffer during the colder months, the cupcakes can pick up the slack, like at Red Velvet-TangySweet. (TangySweet rolled out a gourmet hot chocolate last winter before it began offering cupcakes). Meanwhile, Sweet Green’s Sweetflow Mobile is going to keep rolling this winter, but still figuring out how it’s going to diversify its products for the cold-weather months.

Anyway, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of Yocake (see related post) and went this past weekend to try it out.


yocake3The storefront looked like a cross between a cupcakery, with its platters of cupcakes, and Iceberry, with its TV screens.

Yogurt: It reminded us of the frozen yogurt at Sweet Green (true to the flavor of vanilla yogurt that you’d pick up in the dairy case) minus the sour tang. We liked it but missed the tartness.

Hazelnut-praline-ganache cupcake: The ganache was everything you want a ganache to be. Rich, creamy and slightly bitter. The cake had a cinnamon-type swirl with pecan pieces throughout. I liked it; Mr X-sXe found it a little dry. We both wished there was more icing, but it’s probably hard to layer it with a ganache of that consistency.

Would we go back? We probably wouldn’t drive out of our way, but if we were at the mall and needed a snack, definitely.



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