happy new year from the pie v. cake crew

new years eve and day

Originally uploaded by ann gav

And thus did pie v. cake ring in the new year (four hours early because we’re old and tired like that.) The reader may note that the desserts on the table are all of the cake variety. That’s not because pie is suddenly not the best dessert in the universe. Sometimes Pie just doesn’t have the time to run all across the city in search of perfection and will settle for a subpar dessert.

The cupcakes on the left are bite-sized Seemconi cupcakes from Glut in Mt. Rainier; the cupcakes on the right are from the inimitably delicious Sticky Fingers.

In other food notes, Cake drinks home-brewed Kombucha (ABC7 mug), while Pie’s beverage of choice is Coke Zero. I’m sure there’s something profound in those choices, but I’m on a sugar high after eating leftover cupcakes for breakfast and am not really able to engage in cognitive analysis at this moment.


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