dessert review: ping pong dim sum

cho ke le bao

To celebrate Cake’s birthday, Cake and I decided to eat some dim sum. (Of course, we tend to use anything as an excuse to eat dim sum.) This restaurant had the added advantage of having neither cake nor pie on the menu, so it served as fairly neutral territory.

After a really delicious meal, we then ordered two desserts: a chocolate-filled mantou (pictured above) and pineapple-mango spring rolls, pictured below:

pineapple mango spring rolls in butterscotch dipping sauce

The pineapple mango spring rolls made ordering dessert worthwhile (although Mr. Cake swears that the dipping sauce was caramel, not butterscotch.) The wrapper gave it a crispy and slightly salty package, with chunks of real pineapple and mango bursting in sweetness inside. All in all, lots of textures all kind of mingling in a really delightful way.

And the chocolate mantou bomb? Well, the chocolate was great but the mantou itself was not. I might be slightly prejudiced because of my pre-existing hate/hate relationship with mantou, which is tasteless, formless, and cursed with a remarkable ability to turn into a rocklike consistency in one’s stomach. Imagine steaming and heating a loaf of Wonder Bread and then trying to pass it off as breakfast food, and you’ve got mantou. Injecting it with an abudance of a rich, rich chocolate sauce didn’t make it any better.

Still, Cake and I will be going back, especially to try one of the additional mango desserts that was off the menu.


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