digression from desserts: “crisp” okra pickles

texas okra pickles, ummm

Originally uploaded by ann gav

Ladies and gentlemen, if I may interrupt the regular dessert transmissions of this blog to quickly talk about “crisp okra pickles.”

these were purchased yesterday at the district’s worst safeway. quite frankly, i am surprised that in a store with routine freezer meltdowns and spotted, bruised pears, okra pickles are easily found on the shelf.

i was shopping with an exile from okra-based culture who insisted on buying them for me, given that those of us from the great northeast (aka “the rude belt’) know nothing about this delicacy.

crisp okra pickles (and please note, the “crisp” is misleading) were very confusing for my mouth. the taste was dill pickle, but the texture was artichoke hearts. were they tasty? yes, but i had to think about it.

in short: okra pickles were good, but the context was wrong. any food that makes me think about whether i like it, rather than instinctually respond “tasty!” has some issues.


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