pie’s take on the salted caramel cupcake

I like salt with my sweets. I regularly give my chocolate chocolate chip cookies a sprinkle of kosher salt before baking to bring out the flavors and cut down on the richness. And I am one of those disgusting people who thinks that the invention of chocolate covered potato chips is pure brilliances.

So I was mightily disappointed by the salted caramel cupcake. The cake consistency wasn’t bad, especially since it had been in a fridge for a couple of days. But that icing! Ugh. The cupcake flavor is not billed as “salted AND caramel”, but that’s certainly how it tastes. The caramel dripped on top is super sweet, but it can’t balance the flavor of the salty salty buttercream. I am with Mr. x-sXe on this one; it was like eating a stick of butter. And since I only eat my sticks of butter dipped in hollandaise sauce, I’m going to say: DISAPPOINTMENT.


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