dc snowpocalypse: dessert at potenza

Unlike Cake, I had a delightful time in the snowpocalypse, trudging about to see hockey and throw snowballs and enjoy delicious hot chocolate courtesy of a bustling Mr. Yogato. And like a good citizen, I felt it was my duty to support businesses that opened in the storm by patronizing as many of them as possible.

Thus, tonight Cake and I celebrated her return to humanity with dinner at Potenza, which was advertising its “snow day open” status on its website.

Like good diners, we made a reservation. Such a precaution turned out to be unnecessary.

That’s Cake. There’s no one else in the restaurant, save two hardy souls at the bar.

We gorged ourselves on starches, pausing halfway through to make sure that the snow day menu did indeed include desserts. (You never know when those pastry chefs are going to get stranded in the outer suburbs.)

Cake ordered the buttermilk panna cotta with oven roasted strawberries and lemon crisp:

I ordered the chocolate-hazelnut semi freddo with espresso sauce. Here is it closed:

and here it is open:

And how did they taste?
Cake even thought they were worth taking a lactaid for:


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