Cookies that make you want to toss your cookies, aka the “cookie diet.”

Someone on my floor left almost an entire box  (a week’s worth, $60) of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies in the recycling room. That alone probably was a red flag, but curiosity got the better of me. The bags of cookies within were sealed–what did we have to lose? I mean, they’re cookies, and generally cookies are a good thing, especially chocolate and coconut ones.

Here’s the idea behind the diet: you eat a cookie when you get hungry throughout the day (not at set times), followed by a real dinner. Each bag has 6 cookies, one day’s worth.

A quick look at the nutrition and ingredient label had me puzzled. First, there’s only 2 grams of sugar per cookie, so to make it flavorful they’d either have to have high cocoa/coconut content or compensate with fats, which they don’t (2.5 grams fat per cookie). Second, the first 5 ingredients for the chocolate ones are water, glycerin, whole wheat flour, crisp rice and soybean oil (oats was the 5th ingredient for the coconut). Glycerin? You mean the stuff they make soap out of?

Upon biting into the coconut one, Mr. X-sXe exclaimed, “This tastes like a paper bag!” It had a rubbery, moist consistency that bounces back like a sponge in your mouth. I found the chocolate to be less offensive than the coconut, but would never choose to eat it, diet or no diet.

Our conclusion is that this diet is for the person who doesn’t mind paying $240/month to lose weight and whose taste buds are dead. If it’s helping people successfully lose weight, then so be it. But surely the food from other diets can’t be this bad?

Note to vegetarians: these cookies have meat in them in the form of beef protein hydrolysate!


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