Cherry blossom cupcake vs. cherry blossom cupcake

This weekend, I bought the seasonal cherry blossom cupcakes from Hello Cupcake and Georgetown Cupcake to see whose was better (and to give myself another excuse to eat cake).

Last time these two DC cupcake shops faced off was during our coconut cupcake battle, which was a draw. Read it here.

Georgetown Cupcake's version

Hello Cupcake's take on the cherry blossom cupcake

Back to the cherry blossom cupcakes. The version from Hello Cupcake ($3.50) is a Meyer lemon base filled with cherry preserves, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

The Georgetown Cupcake one ($2.75) melted in transit, which is why the poor thing looks so mangled in the cross-sectional photo. I thought I detected some cherry flavor in the icing. Bits of cherry are incorporated into the cake, which has a different crumb from their other cupcakes–it’s more moist and doesn’t break apart when you bite into it. In fact, the cake is pretty similar to their white chocolate raspberry seasonal flavor, which also incorporates fruit into the batter. I’m not sure what Georgetown Cupcake fans will make of the different cake texture.

Who emerged victorious? Pie has yet to weigh in, but I’m going to have to give the tiara to Hello Cupcake on this one. Theirs is more expensive, but it’s also larger and more pimped-out. Guess I have until the end of April to hoard these.

Hello, cherry preserves!

Cherries are baked into the cake at Georgetown Cupcake.

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