Pie’s take on the cherry blossom cupcake wars: mutually assured destruction


I hadn’t had a chance to read Cake’s take on the dueling cherry blossom cupcakes before she invited me over for a blind taste test of my own. It was like taking the Pepsi Challenge, except with two types of cupcakes that both tasted awful. Here’s what I looked like trying them:
The profile shot may not clearly capture the half-grimace on my face as I tried to process the strange taste sensation I was facing.
Here’s what I learned:
*Georgetown Cupcake does not have the market on cuteness. The cupcake I had pegged as theirs based on cuteness alone turned out to be from Hello Cupcake. (Points for presentation, Hello!)
*Georgetown Cupcake can make disgusting cupcakes. The cherry bits baked within their cupcake were gummy, with poor mouth feel. I felt like bits of Saran Wrap were stuck between my teeth. And the cupcake itself was unusually dense, like a poorly constructed vegan cupcake. At least it wasn’t dry.
* Hello Cupcake needs to work better on defining “cupcakes inspired by”. In a blind taste test, I would have assumed that this was baked for the Meyer Lemon festival, not the cherry blossom festival. Plus, lemons (a sour fruit) and cherries (a sour fruit) were just too darn sour for a satisfying cupcake, even with sweet sweet icing.

So in a head-to-head competition, I choose Hello Cupcake. In real life at a cupcake counter, I choose neither. And in real real life in my kitchen, I eschew the entire concept in favor of cherry bombs, because cherry pies and tarts > cherries in cake. ALWAYS.


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