Does Hook leave a sweet taste in your mouth?

Hook’s pastry chef has garnered considerable acclaim for her creative concoctions. Her lingonberry tart is often cited as one of the best desserts in DC. So expectations were high as we headed into our dessert course. (Please excuse the crappy photos, which don’t do the artistry of these desserts justice.)

Mr. X-sXe had the chocolate torte, which was closer to a slab of fudge than a cake. It was accompanied by caramel sauce and cumin ice cream.

The torte ate like a chocolate truffle. We found it pretty rich–I couldn’t do more than a bite, despite my sweet tooth. The cumin ice cream confused us at first. It tasted alien, yet familiar. (I’d preordered this dessert for Mr X-sXe’s bday and didn’t know it came with cumin ice cream, so we weren’t sure what we were eating until we asked the waiter.) Its lightness balanced out the richness of the torte, complementing the chocolate surprisingly well.

My dessert was called “A Study in Circles.” Love the concept and presentation. Didn’t love eating it. I was bored by the too-subtle, uninspired chocolate mousse. Even the chocolate-coated crispies on top couldn’t save it. The chocolate circles and truffle were fine, but I wanted to be more excited about eating the dessert than looking at it.


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