We try the full dessert menu at Ray’s the Steaks

When a restaurant does their appetizers and mains as well as Ray’s does, expectations are high for dessert.

We ordered the cheesecake (from a NY bakery), key lime pie, dark chocolate mousse, and coconut cream pie.  I relished the rare opportunity to say, “We’ll take one of each!” to the waiter.

Oh dear. We weren’t expecting them to be so…mediocre. There were no standouts (unless you’re talking about standing out in a bad way. That award goes to the bland coconut cream pie.). I’d tried the key lime pie from Ray’s before and loved it. But this time it seemed lackluster. The chocolate mousse could have turned up the volume on the chocolate part. And the cheesecake was boring.

Maybe we were just too stuffed by that point to fully enjoy these. Entirely possible, give how good the rest of the meal was.

We finished out meal with complimentary peanut butter fudge (not pictured). That beat some of the desserts we’d actually paid for.


1 Response to “We try the full dessert menu at Ray’s the Steaks”

  1. August 2, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Yeah, the desserts don’t look very appealing from the picture. I would just stick to the steak.

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