Can you get good desserts at an Asian restaurant?

By that we mean something besides the run-of-the-mill offerings, like fried bananas, mango sticky rice or green tea ice cream. In many Asian cultures it isn’t customary to follow a meal with a proper dessert, but something lighter like fruit (hence the orange slices that come out with your check at the Chinese restaurant). Which explains why the selection of desserts at Asian restaurants typically sucks.

Pie and I were pleasantly surprised by the extensive dessert menu at Kaz Sushi Bistro. Although tempted by the litchi panna cotta with mango sorbet, I ended up going for this ginger creme brulee. No regrets, although I would’ve preferred more gingeriness and a thicker bruleed top to crack under my spoon, the kind that Amelie Poulain would approve of.

Pie opted for the green tea tiramisu, which prompted inquiries/looks of longing from the table next to us when it came out. It was light, chockfulla matcha green tea, and not radioactive green as it looks in this photo.

For more on desserts from Asian restaurants, read our post on Ritz Seafood’s coconut cream pie.


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