2 ways to get some chocolate-on-chocolate action

Once in a while you’ll come across someone who actually doesn’t like chocolate. That person is called a curmudgeon. Chocolate is a wonderfully complex flavor made up of over 1,500 flavor components, which explains why taste buds tend not to tire of it—and also explains the legions of folks who self-identify as chocoholics.

As a fan of lactose-intolerant-friendly dark chocolate, this cookie recipe was up my alley. They were pretty easy (I used semi-sweet Ghiradelli)—the only tricky part being that it was hard to tell when they were done, since they seem kind of fluffy coming out of the oven and don’t actually firm up until they cool. I made tablespoon-sized globs, about 8 per pan, with a baking time of 10 minutes. (2 pans went into the oven at a time.)

If you cut down on the sugar in the recipe, as I did, you may end up with a mouthful of regret. They’ll still be good, but any bite without a chocolate chip was a little bland. Go full-on with the sugar your first time out, then on future batches you can tweak.

Nuts in cookies are a polarizing subject. Personally, I’m opposed—they just seem like roadblocks to the tastier parts of the cookie, so I left the walnuts out of this recipe.


Praline's double chocolate chip cookies are pretty intense, in a good way.


Of course, if you’re not much of a baker, you could just head to Praline Bakery in Bethesda and pick up a couple of these fudgy chocolate chocolate chip cookies, which beg for a (soy) milk accompaniment ($1.75 each).


1 Response to “2 ways to get some chocolate-on-chocolate action”

  1. September 29, 2010 at 7:19 am

    We recently made Mexican Chocolate-Chocolate chip cookies and they were awesome. It was like a delicious chocolate cookie with a hot spicy blast.

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