Frosting: A cupcake calamity

I’ve been to Frosting in Friendship Heights once before, and recall their riff on French toast being pretty good. This time around I got a box of four: Baba’s baby (carrot), Raspberry Zzzurbert DC (chocolate-filled cupcake with raspberry buttercream), Raspberry Zzzurbert WC (white chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream), and Bleubelle (blueberry streusel).

It’s tough to tell what’s what because after a short walk back to the car, the cupcakes looked like this. I take partial responsibility since I paid little mind to whether I was keeping the box level. But the real issue is the way they dollop the frosting high on the cupcakes in a ball shape. No doubt other customers have also gotten theirs home to find a cupcake massacre.

Good thing that looks don’t detract from taste. Among these, the carrot was the best, texture- and flavor-wise. The cake part of the Zzzurberts was on the dry side, and the raspberry frosting lacked a tartness that could’ve kicked up the flavor. The Bleubelle was a muffin (fitting, since it’s featured on their daily morning menu); cupcake fans should pass on this one unless that’s what they’re looking for.

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