What was Duncan Hines thinking? The offending cupcakes ad

Duncan Hines recently pulled their “hip hop cupcakes” ad after accusations of racism. Are they just innocent rapping cupcakes, or is there something more sinister at play?

This comment from the Ad Age article offers some insight:

TommyDeVito | Los Angeles, CA:

OK, I don’t mean to pour gasoline on this fire, but visit Filmaka – the enterprise behind the Duncan Hines video – and search for director Josh Binder’s collection of work. It includes a video featuring “Samurai” bread loaves, pushing Asian stereotypes, as well as examples of rednecks, more Asian stereotypes and blatant sexism (check out “Booty Call”). Additionally, in a few instances of credits, Binder identifies himself as White and Cracker Mix. Don’t wanna draw too many conclusions about Binder, but his overboard comedy certainly pushes the edge. If he did view his concept as “Hip Hop Cupcakes,” it could definitely be a case of a very culturally clueless White guy with a track record of broad humor bordering on insensitivity.

Personally, I’m outraged that Duncan Hines created a microwaveable frosting product that looks as nasty as Hershey’s “chocolate” syrup. If you’re too lazy to stick a butter knife into a canister of store-bought frosting, don’t make the darn cupcakes.

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