Kinkead’s lemon dessert sampler: a feast for the eyes

Our trip to Kinkead’s was inspired by Groupon. In fact, too many overpriced, underwhelming meals as of late have been Groupon-driven, making me reconsider the “bargain” aspect of these deals.

Anyway, Kinkead’s is a DC institution, so I figured it was time we tried it. I remember a friend raving about their profiteroles eons ago. That wasn’t on the dessert menu, but the lemon sampler and creme brulee trio jumped out. We ended up splitting the former.

It was hard not to marvel at the artistry of this dessert–even the table next to us stopped mid-conversation to ooh and aah.

The lemon pudding cake was essentially a souffle that we found overly eggy. We were equally unenthused about the lemon meringue tart. (Does anyone actually crave lemon tarts? No, because they all taste about the same.) Our fave? The vanillla chiboust with lemon and mandarine granitas, a shot glass of vanilla cream topped with tart ice shavings. I’ll take a bowl of that, please.


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