DC Cupcakes: To watch or not to watch?

Introducing the Fuccons, a Japanese TV series (ripped off for the Old Navy ads, grrr). Sadly, these mannequins make for a whole lot more drama than DC Cupakes does.

People have mocked me for watching DC Cupcakes, the Georgetown Cupcake reality show, and I can’t blame them. During the second season, Mr. X-sXe has asked me twice already whether I’m watching a re-run. No, I explain–it’s just that there’s only so much drama that running a cupcake store can bring, so it seems like the same storyline over and over:
  • Here’s Katherine freaking out at Sophie for over-committing to a cupcake project!
  • Here they are having trouble getting their cupcake sculpture to fit through the door of the lab!
  • Here they are at another bake-off, clearly staged so they can create some “tension”!
  • Here’s Andres getting ticked off that he has to bake another buttload of cupcakes he wasn’t planning on! (I hope they pay that dude handsomely.)
Despite the predictability, I keep on watching. There’s something that fascinates me about grown women calling their mom “Mommy.” Speaking of which, the sisters’ Mommy is endearingly crap at helping out around the store, and there are aspects of her personality that remind me of my own mom. Plus it’s nice to see a reality show set in DC that has nothing to do with politics (Real World DC doesn’t count). So until there’s something better on TV on a Friday night, I’ll probably keep tuning in.

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