Chocolate infographics & other tasty ideas

There’s a gourmet food store in my hometown called A Southern Season. As you walk in, there’s an entire wall of exotic/gourmet/overpriced chocolate bars to the right called the Chocolate Bar. I usually peruse the selection, then walk away empty-handed. Problem is, I don’t really want to eat an entire bar of chocolate studded with pork rinds, Himalayan pink salt, or curry powder–I just want to break off a piece to taste, then call it a day.

That’s why these choco-creations from Chocolate Editions seem like a great gift for the chocolate fan*–they get back to the basics. Take this pie chart, which I believe is proportioned according to their  customers’ preference for dark, milk, and white chocolate.

This Neopolitan Bar reminds me of the tubs of Breyer’s ice cream we used to fight over as kids. The hierarchy was chocolate, vanilla, then strawberry. Woe to the strawberry.

And this Milk to White bar brings to mind a paint chip, Missoni print, or misguided Dove ad, depending on where your head’s at.

*I beseech you to excise the word chocoholic from your vocabulary, and to run from anyone who happily slaps that label on themselves.


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