God bless American portions

Haters like to moan about large portions contributing to obesity. But no one ever said you needed to eat the entire thing in one sitting. The more likely culprits of the widening of American backsides are gluttony, mindless eating, and a food pyramid that (only until recently) was stuck in the 50s.

Maggiano's chocolate zuccotto cake = 3-4 normal human portions.

Maggiano’s chocolate zuccotto cake. So big that it’s served with an oversized fork. Photo: Just Last Weekend

Personally, I love having something to take home for the next day. And if you’ve ever ordered a Coke in Europe, you’ll probably agree that bigger portions are better than small.

This chocolate zuccotto cake from Maggiano’s is a fine example of American portions at their best. At first, I balked that the 2-person special made us share a dessert. After the cake came out, I understood why. One slice–actually, more like a hunk of cake–was easily 3 portions (between me, Mr. X-sXe, and Just Last Weekend).

This cake could’ve easily been too rich, but somehow they got the icing-mousse-cake ratio right. BTW, the chocolate mousse is infused with sambuca, which sounds iffy. Chocolate and licorice? Somehow, the pairing works.


1 Response to “God bless American portions”

  1. 1 sugarflight
    August 6, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Hahaha you’re blog makes me giggle! So funny. Keep up the good work!:)

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