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Locally sourced popsicles, popping up everwhere

Shortly after learning about the Pleasant Pops truck in DC, we stumbled on Locopops in Chapel Hill, a local chain. Its cheery storefront has taken over a former laundromat next to Great Harvest bread.

Summer always comes early to NC (like DC, spring is just a fleeting hope), so when we visited over Memorial Day it was hot as the third circle of hell. The Locopops were a great way to cool down. And guilt-free, if you opt for a no-sugar flavor like the cucumber-mint on the right.

For something sweeter, try a flavor like the Mojito (left). Like Baskin-Robbins’ daiquiri ice, it’s a refreshing cocktail-inspired flavor with no alcohol kick. (Even though I always felt like I was getting away with something when I used to order the daquiri ice in junior high.)


Pauly D representin’ for Baskin Robbins

This promotion just made my year. The Baskin Robbins marketing team has outdone themselves. How is Pauly D the right personality for their family-friendly chain of ice cream stores? Oh, nevermind. This is just too awesome to be questioned.


Cupcake product extensions gone awry

A lot of chains that shouldn’t be getting into the cupcake act are “diversifying.” I really don’t get why Cinnabon is doing cupcakes. These don’t even look the least bit appealing when I’m walking by the store in National Airport.

And the tagline should be outlawed: Cinnabon cupcakes – Anything else is just a CupFake.

Haagen Dazs and Cold Stone Creamery (below), that makes more sense since everyone loves an ice cream cake. Yet I never see anyone ordering them in the store. Is that because everyone knows that Baskin Robbins makes the best ice cream cakes?