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Flying Monkey’s Pumpple Cake

What came first, the Pumpple Cake or the Cherpumple? Well, I guess they’re really the same thing–a cake with a pie baby inside–but Flying Monkey’s Pumpple just looks a whole lot more palatable. It’s a layer of chocolate cake with pumpkin pie, topped by a layer of vanilla cake with apple pie, all coated in a buttercream icing. Now that’s a dessert made for sharing, no matter what part of the pie-cake divide you’re on.

Why stand in line to see the Liberty Bell or Ben Franklin's privy when you could be eating this Pumpple? Flying Monkey also conveniently has a location in Reading Terminal Market.

Watching them make the Pumpple on Outrageous Foods, you could see that quality ingredients go into it, whereas the Cherpumple looks more like a sad sack, the kind of thing you’d find contestants scarfing down in an eating competition. No offense to Cherpumple fans, or anything.