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Health department to Missourians: No more cicada ice cream for you!

Next time those pesky cicadas decide to pay us above-grounders a visit, let’s make ‘em into ice cream! Great idea, except that someone tried it in Missouri and got shut down by the health department. Apparently the flavor was like butter pecan except with cicadas, not pecans. The first (only) batch sold out quickly despite looking like this:

Image of Sparky's cicada ice cream from

Remember when people’s pets were lapping up cicada carcasses last time they hit DC, then vets were doing overtime to surgically repair the clogged plumbing? I’m still haunted by footage of Rover’s cicada-infested innards.

Normally I’m game for trying novelty desserts. Bacon cupcakes, no biggie. Chicken ice cream, sure. But cicada ice cream—nope, not trying it. You shouldn’t put anything into your mouth that’s lived underground for that long and comes in units called swarms. Plus, have you seen the bulbous devil eyes on those things?




Looks like boogers, but doesn’t taste like ’em

Unless boogers taste like vanilla ice cream with a caramel ribbon. This is but one of the out-there flavors currently on the menu at the Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth, DE.

The Ice Cream Store is known for offering at least a couple unusual flavors that rotate throughout the year. Luckily, no matter how unpalatable the flavor sounds, they still make it taste good.

Same can’t be said of Snow King, the ice cream place Pie and I went to years ago in Taipei. Known for their pigs’ feet ice cream, their disgusting flavors are unapologetically disgusting. We tried the sesame chicken and mustard flavors. They tasted exactly like what they were supposed to be. That was the problem. (Pie, the vegetarian, passed on the chicken. Good thing, because it left chicken in my teeth so I was eating it long after I was finished.)

PS: If you don’t know what “fluffy pork” is, ask a Chinese friend or just Google it.

Snow King menu. Via