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dc cupcake wars revisited: does georgetown cupcake’s chocolate ganache deserve the crown?

Note: this is a multi-part series in response to the Washington Post Cupcake Wars last fall, which was clearly a farce.

This is purported to be the Grand Poobah of DC cupcakes, crowned king by The Washington Post in its cupcake wars.

So I gave it my utmost attention (as did Mr. X-sXe) when we taste-tested it.

The breakdown, icing: The ganache is rich, creamy and you can taste the quality of the ingredients. But there’s a stingy layer of it that leaves me wanting. (You can always scrape frosting off, but you can’t put more of it on.)

The breakdown, cake: The cake tastes too close to box mix. Light, fluffy and a not-quite-homemade flavor (even though this is homemade). I was hoping for more heft to the cake, a more dark-chocolatey flavor.

We wanted it to be so much better, to live up to the promise. But I’m afraid the emperor is stark naked, and we’re left praying to the ganache fairy.

Rating: 6.2 out of 10.

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