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Cupcake product extensions gone awry

A lot of chains that shouldn’t be getting into the cupcake act are “diversifying.” I really don’t get why Cinnabon is doing cupcakes. These don’t even look the least bit appealing when I’m walking by the store in National Airport.

And the tagline should be outlawed: Cinnabon cupcakes – Anything else is just a CupFake.

Haagen Dazs and Cold Stone Creamery (below), that makes more sense since everyone loves an ice cream cake. Yet I never see anyone ordering them in the store. Is that because everyone knows that Baskin Robbins makes the best ice cream cakes?


Cold Stone Creamery: Jell-o Pudding Ice Cream

Ice cream with the texture of pudding. Quite possibly the least necessary invention of all time. Yet I’m intrigued. Supposedly it melts into pudding too, rather than ice cream soup.  (Is that true?) It’s a summer promo from Cold Stone Creamery. 

Anyone tried it? Any good?