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Father’s Day Gift Idea?

Cake posing as steak. Brilliant.

Cake posing as steak. Brilliant.

This cake puts a smile on my face. It’s from Fluffy Thoughts Cakes in McLean, VA. The woman who owns Fluffy Thoughts is a CakeLove vet. Love the cake. Love the name.


Cupcake millionaires

The winning cupcake? A chocolcate-with-chocolate-ganache. Snooze.

The winning cupcake? A chocolate-with-chocolate-ganache. Snooze.

The backstory:

Late last year, The Washington Post conducted the “Cupcake Wars,” taste-testing the wares from 16 bakeries around the DC area. 159 cupcakes were scarfed down in all, and the chocolate ganache cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake was crowned king.

While I can personally confirm the delectability of the chocolate ganache cupcake, going with a chocolate-on-chocolate cupcake just seems like such a safe (read: boring) bet. When was the last time you met a fellow American who told you they hated chocolate? Plus, I happen to really enjoy Lavender Moon’s cupcakes, which rated poorly. I’m inclined to think my taste buds have little in common with those of the 4 primary taste-testers. Gripe gripe.

Anyhow, I recently began catching up on the Cupcake Wars series. Not sure what I was doing while they were conducting these tests–stuffing my face with de lime & de coconut cupcakes from Hello Cupcake, perhaps? Anyway, the tidbit from the article that that had my jaw on the floor was that Georgetown Cupcake brings in $2 million annually. WTF? Mind you, the sisters that run the place work their bums off. They practically live there, and they personally frost each cupcake themselves. On weekends, they sell about 4,000+; weekdays, 2,000+. But $2 million?¬†¬†That brings out a kind of cupcake envy that makes me wanna spit.

From The Washington Post:

“On average, the store sells between 2,000 and 3,000 cupcakes Tuesdays through Fridays (up from 800 when it opened in February), 4,000 on Saturdays and 2,000 on Sundays. Do the math: At $2.75 each, that conservatively adds up to sales of more than $38,000 a week and $2 million annually.”

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